Selenium Training In HSR

Selenium is an automation testing open-source framework that is mainly used to test different web-based software as well as to execute different scripts in parallel. By using Selenium, the users can write test scripts in various programming languages like C#, Java, Python, PERL, PHP etc. Among all these languages, Java plays an important role in the use of Selenium. The best thing about Selenium is that it can be used almost in any operating systems like Mac OS, Linux, and Windows that also support different browsers. The Selenium training courses help the participants to upgrade their career graph while updating their skills under the guidance of expert trainers.

How Selenium training from Selenium Labs can help?

The Selenium training offered by Selenium Labs in HSR begins with classes the center on the ideas of C#, Python, and Java and therefore spreads the importance of Test Automation and its uses in the businesses. This course also incorporates both the basic and development ideas of WebDriver and its various structures/instruments like Maven, TestNG, Sikuli, AutoIT etc.

This online course also covers the Selenium Grid that along with TestNG conducts parallel execution for strengthening inclusion and decreasing the time of execution for faster input.

The main objective of this training is to help the participants to understand both the basic and advanced level knowledge on Selenium. So, after completing this course, the participants would have complete knowledge of Selenium, the techniques of implementing TestNG, managing controls, and creating test cases in Selenium WebDriver.

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Course curriculum

Now let’s have a look at the course curriculum of Selenium training that Selenium Labs offers. Here come the details:
Selenium with Java

The objective of this Selenium course is to offer the participants an introduction to both Selenium and Java. Besides, by joining this course, the participants can also learn Selenium webdriver, Selenium grid, object-oriented programming, conditional and concatenation operators, understanding XPATH and object identification, testing, Framework, Maven, Apache ANT and XSLT etc.

Selenium with C#

This Selenium course is designed for both developers and functional testers. And the objective of this course is to automate the process of testing with the help of C#

Selenium with Python

This course of Selenium with Python is offered in three parts. The basic part offers training on the features of Selenium WebDriver and Python, the intermediate part offers training on the features of Pyrest, Python, and Selenium WebDriver, and the advanced part offers training on the features of Pyrest, Python, and Selenium WebDriver along with framework development etc.