Selenium Training In Electronic City

Selenium is a popular open-source testing tool available in the market, which is mainly used for web browser testing. Selenium can automate anything, which is readily available on different web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, IE, Opera etc. Besides, it also supports different scripting and programming languages like Ruby, Java, C#, Python, JavaScript etc. Selenium usually has four types of versions like Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid. Among these versions, Selenium WebDriver is the most popular one.

Selenium also looks after the administration works on the site and the automated tools available for APIS. One can get to learn about Selenium by joining a Selenium training program.

Importance of joining Selenium training from Selenium Labs:

The Selenium training program offered by Selenium Labs in Electronic City is helpful for the developers and functional testers to learn about different frameworks of Selenium like Data-Driven, Hybrid, Page Object Model etc. In this training institute, the industry experts teach the latest version of Selenium along with the advancements expected with this version. Besides, here the participants can meet both technology-oriented and people-oriented minds that would enhance the knowledge needed for this training.

This training would work as the gateway for the aspired developers and testers to enter into the domain of programming and automation as this training integrates both the subjects.

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Course curriculum

Now let’s have a look at the details of the Selenium training program offered by Selenium Labs.
Selenium with Java

The objective of this Selenium course is to offer the participants an introduction to both Selenium and Java. Besides, by joining this course, the participants can also learn Selenium webdriver, Selenium grid, object-oriented programming, conditional and concatenation operators, understanding XPATH and object identification, testing, Framework, Maven, Apache ANT and XSLT etc.

Selenium with C#

This Selenium course is designed for both developers and functional testers. And the objective of this course is to automate the process of testing with the help of C#

Selenium with Python

To make this course more accessible for the participants, this course curriculum is divided into three sections. The first or the basic section offers the participants details of the features of Python and Selenium WebDriver. The midsection or the second part offers training on the features of Python, Pyrest, and Selenium WebDriver. The final or the third part offers training on the features of Selenium Webdriver, Python, and Pyrest with framework development.