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Introduction to Katalon Studio

Increase in demand for Automation testing in Organization has given birth to many automation testing tools. One of the newly launched and gaining popularity really fast is Katalon Studio. Katalon Studio is a tool that is used by many companies nowadays and is very popular due to its functionality and ease of use. Katalon Studio is a complete test automation FrameWork for you and it is a freeware that is available for free. And we are here to provide the best Katalon training for the working professionals and for students who want to grow in the field of Automation testing and specifically in Katalon automation testing.

This Katalon training course focuses on almost all the aspects of this tool. Below is the job-oriented course content.

The popularity of Katalon Studio since its launch in 2016

Corporate Training

If you want to give the Trending technology experience to your tech team, we are here to help you!

Duration of Selenium Training

Course Duration

20 Hours

Course will be 15 hrs to 20 hrs duration with real-time projects and working models.

Assignments Duration

10 Hours

Assignment duration will be 8hrs to 10hrs.

Total Learners

2245 Learners

We have already finished 800+ Batches with 100% course completion record.

Skill Level

Beginner & Advance

We are providing Training to the needs from Beginners level to Advance level.


24 / 7 Support

Our Support team are available 24/7 to clear students needs and doubts.


Selenium Labs offers certifications to the students once they complete the theory and practical session of Appium training successfully. Here the assessments are done based on the performance of the students on the project as well as the result of the online test once the course completes. These certifications give value to the resumes of the participants. And then they can get lucrative job opportunities in renowned companies.


We are known as one of the most reputable Selenium training institutes located in Bangalore. A range of unmatchable services along with the reviews posted by our past and present students have helped us to gain this reputation. As a result, we have gained a 4.6-star rating on Google. So, if you want to know our institute or the training programs offered by us better, you can check the reviews mentioned on our website or the major search engine platforms.


Course Content

  • Course Introduction
  • Course Road map
  • Prerequisite for Course
  • Tools Required
  • Setting up the jdk 1.8
  • Setting up the Katalon Studio
  • Setting up the Test Application
  • Setting up Eclipse
  • [Important] Virtual Machine – Environment Setup
  • Selenium Webdriver Architecture
  • Code to explain Webdriver Architecture
  • Creating the first project
  • Record and Playback Mode
  • Manual Mode
  • Script Mode
  • Introduction to Katalon Studio
  • What is a Test Object or Web Element
  • FireBug and Firepath
  • Xpath and their usage
  • Xpath Function,Absolute and Relative Xpaths
  • Xpath finding Links, Buttons, Input box, Radio buttons, Checkbox
  • Css Locator
  • Descendant Axes View
  • Following Axes View
  • Ancestor Axes View
  • Preceding Axes View
  • Renorex Selocity
  • Spy Web
  • Browser Function – Manual Mode
  • Browser Function – Script Mode
  • Browser Function using Webdriver Api
  • Handling Text box – Manual Mode
  • Handling Text box – Script Mode
  • Handling Text box with Webdriver Api
  • Click Action – Manual Mode
  • Click Action – Script Mode
  • Click Action using Webdriver Api
  • Handling the Checkbox – Manual Mode
  • Handling the Checkbox – Script Mode
  • Handling the Checkbox using Webdriver api
  • Handling DropDown – Manual Mode Part – 1
  • Handling DropDown – Manual Mode Part – 2
  • Handling the DropDown – Script Mode
  • Handling of DropDown using Webdriver api
  • Taking Screenshot – Script Mode
  • Taking Screenshot using Webdriver api
  • Public Variable
  • Global Variable
  • Wait – Introduction
  • Explicit Wait
  • Explicit Wait – Script Mode
  • Handling Multiple Browser Window
  • Handling Multiple Window – Script Mode
  • Handling HTML Frames
  • Handling HTML Frame – Script Mode
  • Configuring the Iframe in Test Object
  • Handling JavaScript Alert
  • Handling JavaScriptAlert – Script Mode
  • Handling Confirmation Popup
  • Handling Confirmation Popup – Script Mode
  • Handling Prompt Popup
  • Handling Prompt Popup – Script Mode
  • Mouse Action – Double Click
  • Mouse Actions – Drag and Drop
  • Mouse Action – Focus
  • Mouse Action – Mouse Hover
  • Mouse Action – Right Click
  • Handling Auto Suggest list
  • KeyBoard Action – SHIFT key Event
  • Keyboard Action – SHIFT Key – Script Mode
  • KeyBoard Action – Auto Suggestion List
  • Introduction – Custom Keyword
  • Creating Custom Keyword
  • Custom Keyword – Paramitrized
  • Custom Keyword – Login and Logout Keyword – Part 1
  • Custom Keyword – Login and Logout Keyword – Part 2
  • Creating Runtime Test Object – Part 1
  • Creating Runtime Test Object – Part 2
  • Adding New Property to TestObject – Script Mode
  • Removing Object Property – Manual Mode
  • Updating the Test Object Property – Manual Mode
  • Introduction – Assertion and Verification
  • Verify Element Present – Manual Mode
  • Verify Element Present – Script Mode
  • Verify Element Text – Manual Mode
  • Verify Text Present – Script Mode
  • Verify Selected Option By Index
  • Verification Using Regular Expression
  • File Upload – Manual Mode
  • File Upload – Script Mode
  • Test Suite – Creation and Execution
  • Skipping the Test from Test Suite
  • Debugging the failed test case
  • Configure Retry for failed test case
  • Report Generation
  • Enabling and Disabling of Test Step
  • Re-Using the Session for Debugging the failed test
  • Running the Test in Parallel
  • Report Analysis of TestSuite Collection
  • Failure Handling – Manual Mode
  • Failure Handling – Script Mode
  • Setup and TearDown – Manual Mode
  • Setup and TearDown – Script Mode
  • Calling Test Cases – Manual Mode
  • Calling Test Cases – Script Mode
  • Passing parameters to Test Case
  • Introduction
  • Data Driven using Excel file – Manual Mode
  • Data Driven using Excel file – Script Mode
  • Handling Multiple Set of Test Data – Part 1
  • Handling Multiple Set of Test Data – Part 2
  • Developing the Custom Keyword for Java Script Executor
  • Executing Java Script – Part 1
  • Executing Java Script – Part 2
  • Console Logger for Custom Keyword
  • Using External Jars in KatalonStudio
  • Developing the Custom Keyword for Excel
  • Writing the data into Excel file
  • Continuous Integration – Jenkins Introduction
  • Creating Jenkins job and executing test
  • Generating the Report for test execution
  • Test Result Analyzer Plugin
  • Jenkins Master Slave Configuration
  • Running the test parallel on Jenkins Slave
  • Designing the xPath for Grid
  • Basic of WebTable or Grid
  • Custom Keyword for Grid
  • Reading the value from Grid
  • Custom Keyword for Grid Part – 2
  • Handling Complex Grid
  • Handling Complex Grid Part – 2
  • If-Else Statement
  • Switch-Case Statement
  • Manual Mode – While Loop
  • Manual Mode – While Loop in WebElement grid
  • Project Migration
  • Running the Script in Headless Browser
  • Katalon Analytics – Introduction
  • Katalon Analytics – Online Portal
  • Katalon Analytics – Report Upload
  • Katalon Analytics – Report Analysis
  • Test Listerner – Introduction
  • Test Listener – Implementation
  • Test Listener – Advance Implementation
  • Desired Capabilities – Chrome
  • Desired Capabilities – Custom Browser
  • Running the Script in Headless Browser – Firefox
  • Katalon Automation Recorder – Part 1
  • Katalon Automation Recorder – Part 2
  • Katalon Studio Plugin – Jenkins
  • Creating the Execution Profile
  • Test Case Execution Using different Execution profile
  • Profile Configuration – Script Mode
  • Profile Configuration for Test Suite and Suite Collection
  • Creating Parameterized Test Object
  • Test Execution with Parameterized Test Object
  • Script Mode – Test Execution with Parameterized Test Object

Selenium with Katalon Studio FAQ's

Yes, Selenium is easy to learn. So, if you are planning to start working as an automation tester, it will take two months to learn Selenium. But it is important to be familiar with the concepts of manual testing and the basic concepts of programming languages like Python, Java, PHP etc.

There is no particular time limit in which you will be able to learn Selenium as learning Selenium is not just about grasping Selenese. But it is also necessary to understand CI tools, WebDriver, tools for logging, dependency management, and test management when the application of Selenium is increased. But you can learn Selenium in a shorter period in case you are aware of the basic concepts of the programming languages like Python, Java, PHP etc. and if you are well aware of manual testing details.

Yes, the participants can get 10-30% discounts on the total course value. You can contact with Selenium Labs to get more details about this matter.

Yes, it is possible to pay the course fees in two installments. Apart from that, there are some conventional payment methods through which the participants can make the payments.

Yes, backup classes are offered to the students in case they miss any lecture due to any genuine reason. We aim to ensure that none misses any lecture topic.

Yes, you can get help from the trainers after completing this course. Selenium Labs also offers placement opportunities after completing this course. But it is important to remember that Selenium Labs doesn’t offer any placement guarantee.

The trainers of this institute are the industry experts with +15 years of experience in the field of automation testing with Selenium Webdriver. Besides, these professionals also have expertise in numerous real-time projects.

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