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When laying an overview on Coded UI, it is obligatory to know what Coded UI does. Well, it helps the developers and the functional examiners to know about the automation of Coded UI. There are certain specifications or rather technicalities that assist the employees to use this automation tool. The Selenium Labs helps the trainees to get the required knowledge about this tool in the software market.

Corporate Training

If you want to give the Trending technology experience to your tech team, we are here to help you!

Training minutiae

The training includes the entire detailed information about the primary supports of the tool, the record, and the playback details, how it manages the screen and the detailed analysis of the generated code. It plays a role in setting up automation for the basic requirements in the software market. Thus, it has all the instruments or rather ways to help in knowing about the detailed configuration. This basic training helps the trainees to handle bigger projects with this automating tool.

On acquiring this knowledge thoroughly, it is helpful for the developers to get collaborated with this one tool in probably all works. Thus, it is sufficient for all the new developers and examiners working in this software industry.

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Functional Testing using Coded UI

This 16 hours Coded UI training will enable developers and functional testers how to automate testing by using Coded UI. We will see specific scenarios and how we can test them using Coded UI.

Duration of Selenium Training

Course Duration

20 Hours

Course will be 15 hrs to 20 hrs duration with real-time projects and working models.

Assignments Duration

10 Hours

Assignment duration will be 8hrs to 10hrs.

Total Learners

2245 Learners

We have already finished 800+ Batches with 100% course completion record.

Skill Level

Beginner & Advance

We are providing Training to the needs from Beginners level to Advance level.


24 / 7 Support

Our Support team are available 24/7 to clear students needs and doubts.


Selenium Labs offers certifications to the students once they complete the theory and practical session of Appium training successfully. Here the assessments are done based on the performance of the students on the project as well as the result of the online test once the course completes. These certifications give value to the resumes of the participants. And then they can get lucrative job opportunities in renowned companies.


We are known as one of the most reputable Selenium training institutes located in Bangalore. A range of unmatchable services along with the reviews posted by our past and present students have helped us to gain this reputation. As a result, we have gained a 4.6-star rating on Google. So, if you want to know our institute or the training programs offered by us better, you can check the reviews mentioned on our website or the major search engine platforms.


Course Content

  • Unit Tests vs. Coded UI Tests
  •  Support for Coded UI
  •  Structure of a Coded UI
  •  Coded UI vs. MTM Action Recordings
  •  Test Automation Pyramid
  •  Supported Technologies
  •  Underlying Technology
  •  CodedUI Map File and Test Builder
  • Coded UI Test Builder
  •  UI Map Files
  •  Managing UI Map file
  •  Analyzing the Generated Code
  •  Editing UI Map Files and Writing Tests
  • Object Model
  •  How Coded UI Controls interact with Screen
  •  Searching for Controls
  •  Accessing Control Properties
  •  Special Methods on the Controls
  •  Demo Control Wait Options
  •  Application Under Test
  •  Reusing Application Under Test b/w Test Suites
  •  Setting Up Web Application Under Test
  •  Playback Options
  •  Search Configuration changes Search Behavior
  •  Match Exact Hierarchy is Default False
  •  Smart Match
  •  Search Configuration NextSibling
  •  Search in Minimized Windows
  •  Playback Settings
  • Wait for Ready Level
  •  Set Property Verification
  • Continue on Error
  •  Retrying Failed Playback Actions
  • Test Automation and Maintainability
  •  Page Object Pattern
  •  Shared and Home Page Object
  •  Shopping Cart Page Object
  •  Testing Scenarios with Page Objects
  •  Resulting Test
  •  Multiple Ways of Building Page Objects
  • Result
  • Configuring Diagnostics
  •  Visual Debug Playback
  • Need for Cross Browser Playback
  • Prerequisites
  •  Understanding cross Browser Playback
  • How to Switch Browser on Playback
  •  Unsupported Features & Known Issues
  •  Data-driven Tests
  •  Available Data Sources
  •  Using Excel as Data Source
  •  How to Deploy Required Resources
  •  Key Word Driven Tests
  •  Full Automation with Coded UI Tests

Selenium with Coded UI FAQ's

Yes, Selenium is easy to learn. So, if you are planning to start working as an automation tester, it will take two months to learn Selenium. But it is important to be familiar with the concepts of manual testing and the basic concepts of programming languages like Python, Java, PHP etc.

There is no particular time limit in which you will be able to learn Selenium as learning Selenium is not just about grasping Selenese. But it is also necessary to understand CI tools, WebDriver, tools for logging, dependency management, and test management when the application of Selenium is increased. But you can learn Selenium in a shorter period in case you are aware of the basic concepts of the programming languages like Python, Java, PHP etc. and if you are well aware of manual testing details.

Yes, the participants can get 10-30% discounts on the total course value. You can contact with Selenium Labs to get more details about this matter.

Yes, it is possible to pay the course fees in two installments. Apart from that, there are some conventional payment methods through which the participants can make the payments.

Yes, backup classes are offered to the students in case they miss any lecture due to any genuine reason. We aim to ensure that none misses any lecture topic.

Yes, you can get help from the trainers after completing this course. Selenium Labs also offers placement opportunities after completing this course. But it is important to remember that Selenium Labs doesn’t offer any placement guarantee.

The trainers of this institute are the industry experts with +15 years of experience in the field of automation testing with Selenium Webdriver. Besides, these professionals also have expertise in numerous real-time projects.

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